What’s A Trainer/Mod Menu?

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A trainer is a term in the field of computer games and a hack modification. It refers to a program that deals with the content of memory addresses in a computer game and thus creates positive effects on the player. In this case, permanently active effects can be selected with one intro program, or different effects on different keys, so-called “intro”.

Trainers are similar to hacks, however, hacks are already built into the game, while trainers are independent, additional software. trainers are mainly brought by individuals or groups that specialize in “hacking” games, and often appear in computer game magazines. For some years, there are also programs like “Trainer Maker Kit” with which a more advanced layman can even create game trainers with simple mouse clicks.

Common features of trainers include:

  • Infinite health, ammunition or resources
  • Faster or slower gameplay
  • Make certain vehicles and / or weapons appear

Internal working method

Internally prepares work by looking at the process in which the game plays, manipulating the game’s code or game data, or both, depending on how it works.


The game program section where the player loses his life is replaced by a code that has no effect (see no function). As a result, the number of lives will no longer change.

At the point where the game saves life, the trainer regularly checks, and if there is too little, he skips it higher. In repeated interruption, a fixed value is written for the number of lives.

The user is provided with a key to fill and activate his spacecraft shield by raising the internal shield energy counter and calling the Shield Activation Program section. Points are encrypted in memory, so the trainer is not just about the data.

The game continuously calculates the check sum, which is checked regularly. This requires the trainer to clarify the checksum procedure or remove the code to calculate the checksum. This will make further efforts.

With the same mechanism as the coach controls the game in memory, the game can also follow the coach. However, it needs to know how this kind of trainer is usually built and how he separates him from computer programs at the same time.

Video game consoles and handheld trainer

The trainers are also part of the video game console systems such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unlike trainers for PC games, it is possible to find their own hacks, so-called cheat codes. After the exclusion process, the memory locations can be placed when the essential information of the current game is stored.