How to Get Unbanned from Fortnite in 2019

Got banned? This is a new method for removing your ban in Fortnite. To use this method we’ll need to change some Windows settings. Simply follow the steps below to get your account unbanned.


Method 1: Easy

This method is faster and easier than the second method, however it might not work for everyone.

  1. Download the Windows Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s site
  2. Run the tool and click on “Upgrade your PC”, it will ask for a key but you can also skip this step, or get/buy a new Windows 10 key
  3. Click next and let the tool do it’s thing. This shouldn’t take longer than an hour, but depends on our gaming rig
  4. Now that you’re back on your desktop, use a random spoofer that isn’t detectable. For example; don’t use any VH sources. (make sure it spoofs your mac address, volumeid, harddisk serial and tracking files)
  5. Run Fortnite, it doesn’t care if you’re running BattlEye or EAC
  6. That’s it! If your system’s name is /f by any chance, rename your pc!

Method 2: Advanced

This method requires you to install Windows on a USB flash drive, install new Nvidia drivers, and Run Fortnite again without any bans or kicks, if you get banned again, Reinstall windows with the same USB. You won’t need to re-download Fortnite again.


  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 .ISO file
  • USB flash drive 32GB minimum (empty/formatted)


Step 1: Remove your traces

To get unbanned in Fortnite, we’ll need to clean up any traces of your account from your PC. To do this, follow the steps below.

Delete the following Registry:

Code: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Epic Games

Delete these Folders:

  • C:\ProgramData\Epic C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\FortniteGame
  • C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher
  • C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine
  • C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\UnrealEngineLauncher


Step 2: Download and install the tools

  1. Download the tool called WinToUSB to make a Windows USB drive.
  2. Take a new 32GB USB or format an old one to make it “fresh”
  3. Download Windows 8 or 10 .ISO file
  4. Go to Nvidia and download the driver for your graphics card
  5. Download and install other drivers such as network, sound and so on
  6. Download and install DirectX

Step 3: Install Windows on USB

WARNING: The USB will be formatted in this step, save an files you currently have on it at a safe place!

  1. Install WinToUSB > Select the Windows ISO file
  2. Select your USB Drive
  3. Select the first option (MBR only)
  4. Click Install

Step 4: Boot From Your Portable Drive

You usually click either DEL, F11, F9, F8 or some other button during  PC startup to choose “boot from USB”. A quick Google search for “boot from usb [insert your PC]” and you’ll find a guide. The goal is to “boot from USB” before Windows loads, this can usually be set in BIOS. After this step is done, continue to follow the Windows installation steps.

Step 5: Windows Configuration

Open the Windows file explorer and follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Directx installer
  2. Install DirectX
  3. Install your Nvidia graphics driver
  4. Install the other drivers such as audio and network
  5. Connect to the internet (Ethernet cable or connect to WiFi)
  6. Go to the Epic games folder (ITS NOT IN YOUR C: DRIVE ANYMORE)
  7. Start Epic games launcher
  8. Create a new account.
  9. Now download (or verify pre-installed) Fortnite (DON’T INSTALL ON C: DRIVE)
  10. Start Fortnite! You won’t get kicked or banned anymore.

Step 6: Further Steps

  • Whenever you want to play the game, just boot from USB
  • This preserves and does no harm to any of your main system or Windows files.

If you get banned again:

Go to Windows settings and reinstall Windows again, this will delete your files in USB ONLY, so you’ll have everything on your main drive. Just follow our tutorial step by step again.

Other Known Ban Removal Methods

Buy new RAM memory. Some say this is outdated, but if you combine this with a reinstalling Windows and you should be unbanned.



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