About Rogelio Bacone

Rogelio Bacon from AnonymousCheats

I remember getting my first console; the Xbox Original with the game Halo. I instantly fell in love with First Person Shooters and later got into highly competitive gaming. After a year on the top 3% tier, I learnt that most people had their private hacks. That’s when I found my new love; Hack coding.


My name is Rogelio and I’m a software engineer from Toronto, Canada. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development, and then a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. I have a passion for computer science, reverse engineering and of course video games.

It was while attending UTSC that my love for gaming started. My room mate had brought his PlayStation 2 that had just been released and we played GTA: Vice City for hours. This was the first game I built a hack AKA trainer for, and has built quality cheat software ever since.

My Previous Experience

  • Helped coding an undetected aimbot for Halo online multiplayer on the Xbox console.
  • Coded an undetected ESP wallhack for Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the Xbox 36o console.
  • Came up with a bypass for our Fortnite hack on the PlayStation 4 console.
  • Successfully got our hack software to bypass the Xbox One USB block.

What I Do At AnonymousCheats

  • Getting our game hacks portable to both PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Helping out in the actual coding of our cheat software.
  • Coming up with new bypass methods for the new console firmware updates.

My Coding Skills

  • C++, 16 years experience.
  • C#, 11 years experience.
  • Ruby on Rails, 4 years experience.
  • Objective C, 8 years experience.
  • Lua, 8 years experience.