Phillip S. SoucyMy name’s Phillip and I’m a web developer and designer. I spend most of my time learning more advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the side of that I like to play around with Ruby and C# to further widen my coding experiences. My passions is web development, I build websites that are straight to the point with an inviting approach.


At the moment, I’m a developer here at the AnonymousCheats team since 2018. Aside from my work here, I also run several tech websites in Germany and I’m responsible for running one of the top 10 tech news sites in 2019. I automated and cut out 80% the manual work on all my sites by building handy scripts on the back end of my sites. This skill has been very handy in my career as a web developer. I also picked up web designing, as I like to handle both front and back end of my websites.

My Previous Experience

  • Built and now manage since 2018
  • Run one of the largest tech new sites in Germany since 2014
  • Built various scripts to automate RSS and cut 80% on manual work load
  • Helped get low converting landing pages to a 26% CTR

What I Do At AnonymousCheats

  • Keeping our site updated
  • Add new product pages when we launch new game hacks
  • Write and post guides in our blog

My Coding Skills

  • HTML, 14 years experience
  • CSS, 14 years experience
  • PHP, 12 years experience
  • JavaScript, 8 years experience
  • Ruby on Rails, 2 years experience