About Jason Tillman

Jason Tillman from AnonymousCheats

I started playing video games at the age of 9 and quickly fell in love with gaming. A few years later and I started playing Counter Strike 1.3, which then led to a new passion: game hacks. I started learning C#, C++ and reverse engineering to create my own, undetected and private hacks.


My name is Jason Tillman and I’m a full-stack Software Developer currently living in Arizona, USA. I started coding at the age of 9 and never looked back. I got my bachelor of Science in Computer Science in New York 10 years ago and I have coded software ever since.

My game hack journey started as soon as I started playing Counter Strike 1.5, where wallhacks and aimbots were frequent. Since then I’ve coded everything from private cheats for tournaments to hardware cheats that injects through a headset. I’m very passionate about reverse engineering and bypassing anti-cheats, which reflects my work here at AnonymousCheats.

My Previous Experience

  • Coded a ring0 wallhack for Counter Strike 1.6, 2002.
  • Built a mod menu trainer for GTA: San Andreas multiplayer, 2004.
  • Made a multi-hack for Counter Strike: Source, 2007.

What I Do At AnonymousCheats

  • Keeping our cheats updated and undetected from anti-cheats.
  • Creating undetected hacks for new game releases.
  • Testing new bypass methods for consoles.

My Coding Skills

  • Advanced C++, 14 years experience.
  • Advanced C#, 13 years experience.
  • Python, 4 years experience.
  • Java, 2 years experience.