The team behind AnonymousCheats work hard to bring you the best hacks for all the latest PC games available. We strive towards giving you an action filled and exciting gaming experience by using our latest hacks with all the updated features you can ever find. The most important thing we aim for is to give you private hacks that will go undetected through any anti-cheats. We have a total of more than 17 years of work experience in this field, so we can confidently assure you that we only bring you superior private cheats for your gaming community. With the wide variety of cheats at AnonymousCheats, you can choose whatever suits you best. Every cheat of ours is created keeping the latest technology in mind and have been tested through many anti-cheats systems before delivered to you. What matters, in the end, is the gaming experience you get with our cheats and so we work towards giving you a lifetime gaming experience with our premium hacks.

Software Team

Meet the guys behind the hacks

The coding team at AnonymousCheats are always working on their toes to ensure that you enjoy all the latest updates or new features that are out for all the PC games. For First-person shooter games, it is important that you are equipped with the latest features in the hacking system and that is exactly what our coders aspire to achieve. By using our premium hacks, you can assure you that you will not be left behind in the game. Our coders are often checking our hacks at least 3-4 times a day to look out for any glitches in the system. If we find any, then we make sure that the specific hack is updated and we release a new build altogether to you. This incredible feature of AnonymousCheats is what sets it apart from other hacking products.

Jason Tillman from AnonymousCheats

Jason ``s1rl01n`` Tillman

Software Developer (Hacks)

Jason is the guy behind our hack software. He has over 14 years of experience in Java, C# and C++ and can create the most superior cheat software to-date.

Rogelio Bacon from AnonymousCheats

Rogelio ``Bacon`` Bacone

Software Developer (Anti-Cheat Bypass)

Bacone, the guy who loves bacon and creating quality private cheats. Likes to crack anti-cheats like they're uncooked pasta. This is the guy who bypassed a certain anti-cheat that was deemed ``impossible``.

Web Development

Meet our Web Developer/Designer

The designing guy Phillip at AnonymousCheats also work every day to bring you the latest designs in all of the games. Our designer created this attractive website along with excellent video productions and other designing items. All the attractive features that you see in our hacks are brought about through the hard work of this team. The work experience our designers have in this field ensures that we supply only the best designs for your games.

Phillip S. Soucy

Phillip S. Soucy

Web Design/Developer

The guy who's too cool for a nickname - Phillip the web guy that built our website. Likes to think he's Spider Man, but he's not that type of web guy.

Our Mission

Taking premium hacks to a new level

The main goal of AnonymousCheats is to bring our gaming community with excellent hack software for latest video games. Our mission is to enable our gamers to enjoy the game whole-heartedly by providing the latest features and remain undetected. We make sure that our cheats make you win the game and play like a pro always. And lastly, you need to have a gaming experience that will last a lifetime. We supply you with a wide range of hacks, from the latest ESP hacks to fully customizable game settings, you just need to name it. You will see that we only deliver the top-quality hacks for all the games and you can find almost every possible gaming hacks at AnonymousCheats.